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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

For Every Type of Cleaning the Process , Chemical and Equipments used are different, Mainly There are 5 Types of Flooring Neat n Clean Classifies,

Marble Flooring

Kota stone Flooring

Chips Flooring

Tiles Flooring

Wooden Flooring

How Neat n Clean Performs FFloor Cleaning

PRE CLEANING - look at the floor analysed and then start pre cleaning activity.

1. First of all remove all furniture and goods from the floor.

2. Take floor broom and broom the floor properly.

3. Take dry mop and remove the dust properly.

3. Wait mop the floor with plain water.

Main Cleaning

After pre cleaning of marble floor now we start main cleaning. There are two process of floor cleaning.

1. Manually floor cleaning

2. Mechanized floor cleaning

Manually floor cleaning

Manually floor cleaning we will need following things

1. Bucket mug and dust pan, pop blade

2. Floor cleaning chemical

3. Green pad and steel brush

4. Wiper, gloves, safety shoes.

5. Floor duster 3-4

6. Dry mop

7. Wet mop

Now take a bucket and fill it with water. Pour cleaning chemical into the bucket and mix it properly. Now take green pad and scrub the skirting’s and each and every corner of the room or area. Keep it for some time. Meanwhile spill the chemical throughout the surface and scrub it with green pad and from steel pad where floor is dirtier. Now take pop blade and scratch where colour and paints marks are there stroke to and fro.

Now take floor duster in wiper and scrub all surface. Remove floor duster and wipe all chemical from the surface.